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When it comes to producing heart-stirring products that demand that the masses be after them, Team Blue is the best. In order to compete with their predecessors in any aspect, Intel once again released some off-the-hook processors. Recent releases by the company include its new 12th generation processors. Alder Lake architecture is a feature of these processors. It is impossible not to want top-of-the-line products for their custom builds. Due to their excellent build quality and sturdy nature, Intel’s 12th Gen processors are currently in high demand.

These CPUs have excellent single and multithreaded performance. If a user wanted to maximize those levels of performance, they would need powerful components that could handle these masterpieces. Because of this, we will be discussing what is the best DDR4 Ram for Intel 12th Generation products. However, if DDR4 was not the latest technology when we discussed it, why are we still talking about it? For most PC users who love upgrading their systems and components from time to time, DDR4 isn’t the current craze. Compared to DDR5, DDR5 is what every gamer has been dreaming of, though?

Top Best DDR4 Ram For Gamigin 2022

Crucial Ballistix MAX

Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4

You must have heard the name ‘Crucial’ at least once before on our list. Our first RAM is the high-end Crucial Ballistix MAX. It is a brand that is well-known and trusted around the world. This brand’s RAM provides a powerful performance that none of its competitors can match. Overclocking perfection and good XMP performance are guaranteed with this RAM by the same manufacturer.

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To make this RAM, the company jumped up to the highest level of technology and features. A number of factors contribute to this product’s superiority. This includes the RGB component. It is not overly flashy, however. The best RAM for Intel 12th Gen instead features a low-profile heat spreader that has a low profile. Slim and non-intrusive, and lightweight, it helps make it an excellent product. This model is black, so it will go well with most colour schemes.

It is the fastest RAM you will ever have, so it stands out from the crowd. Make a wise choice and select the fastest performer while others are buying the coolest looking products. By using the M.O.D. Software that comes with it, you can customize the RGB effects. Of course, you can use the motherboard for this purpose too. For any gamer who is sincere about upgrading his system, this product is enough to make a massive improvement alone.

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

It goes without saying that you are already familiar with Corsair’s high-quality products, featuring modern specs and features. A new DDR4 memory series is available under the Vengeance brand for those with a tight budget. Using the latest AMD and Intel motherboards and platforms, we are able to use this best budget DDR4 RAM. The device displays a fantastic design and aesthetics, despite not having RGB lighting.

Following testing, we have analyzed a sample with 16 GB (2x 8 GB) and 3200 MHz memory frequency. XMP 2.0 support allowed it to smoothly overclock during intense sessions and automatically adjust frequency based on load and temperature. You need to ensure a smooth run by providing 1.35V of input voltages to retrieve all performance features. When operating at peak level, the dual-channel kit has 16-18-18-36 channels; however, we expect it to decrease with regular use. 

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Our modules have a 34mm profile height, so we can use liquid or air-based CPU coolers without having to worry about compatibility issues. A custom high-durable PCB ensures signal transmission efficiency and heat dissipation in the build of the product. In addition, every IC is hand-selected before it is installed in the circuit to protect the component from damage. In order to minimize heat effects, the socket’s structure is rigid and its heat spreader is anodized aluminium. Generally, if NO RGB is of no concern to you, you should go with it.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series

A brand like G.Skill could have something for every kind of gamer regardless of their needs. A new addition to the signature Trident Z lineup, the Trident Z Royal Silver presents a crown jewel design. It offers two 8-GB modules with a frequency of 3200MHZ offering high-end performance. If you get this kit, you will be able to experience the finest performance with the best DDR4 RAM that is compatible with AMD and Intel motherboards. 

With Extreme Memory Profile, an Intel technology, the following memory is unlocked for overclocking. You get a speed of 3200MHz of memory speed with this dual-channel kit. The rated clock frequency of this kit is 2133MHz. This component requires 1.2V of voltage for everyday use, ranging from 1.35V to 1.38V depending on the load; however, for smooth overclocking, the component would need considerably more voltage. In any case, based on the performance stats, DDR4 titles benefit from this kit’s fastest and best RAM.

It is also the fastest kit on our list because of its timing of 14-14-14-34. Let’s examine its aesthetics now. An eight-zoned RGB light bar covers the whole top of the monitor. This crown jewel design with crystalline light bars provides splendid classical lighting with its dispersion of RGB light. Furthermore, it includes an aluminium heat spreader in polished silver colour, enhancing its overall appearance and keeping the temperature low.

Kingston HyperX

HyperX Fury 16GB 3466MHz

It sounds like you were thinking about upgrading your system, right? It’s a great idea to add high-end RAM to your Intel-based system with top-of-the-line components. Kingston HyperX RAM is a highly reliable brand that gives you complete satisfaction, regardless of how heavy your system is loaded or how high you overclock it. You can count on this RAM for lag-free experiences no matter what type of PC you build.

Definitely give the stupendous DDR4 memory portfolio a shot, as we stated earlier. The product you just purchased is the best DDR4 RAM for Intel 12th Gen processor out of all of them. What makes it the best? This RAM meets Intel’s demands perfectly. This premium-quality LED display set the bar high, with high-quality XMP-certified profiles, an elegant PCB, and RGB illumination.

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By taking a look at all the positives and negatives of this RAM, we learned that the positives are much more influential than the negatives. It certainly outstripped those infamous, but stubborn and slow RAMs. Nevertheless, it still holds the edge over most of its rivals in some areas. You must hurry up and get your hands on this piece of art before it is void again since it is not readily available.

Thermaltake Toughram RGB

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB

Creating high-end and beautiful gaming rigs calls for a lot of attractive and high-performance memory modules. If you are looking for the same, Thermaltake Toughram RGB is the way to go. From frequencies to capacities, this series has many variants. For this section, we have chosen to review a kit with 16 GB (2x 8GB) of memory and 3600 MHz of frequency. Thermaltake is known for making high-quality hardware components, and this best premium DDR$ RAM is an excellent example. 

According to the manufacturer, it has been tested on a number of platforms, but in practice, it is likely to run smoothly on AMD and Intel boards. Due to its support for Extreme Memory Profile 2.0, the product assures a smooth and automatic overclocking based on the gaming burden and sometimes even cooling. In addition to the clock speed peak, the modules run with a timing of 18-19-19-39, which is tighter than ideal. However, the timing may degrade when the load is less. 

In production, SK Hynix ICs were hand-sorted to ensure years of smooth running. In order to run it at full speed, you need 1.35V of voltage, which could lead to slightly lower energy efficiency. In addition to the ten-layer PCB, it has attractive RGB lighting and sharp signal transmission. The black light spreader below features ten addressable LEDs. Further, with TOUGHRAM software you can monitor real-time temperatures, frequencies, and performance to monitor how you are using your equipment.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

Corsair Dominator Platinum

A new product from Corsair! Is your goal to get the fastest, smoothest memory portfolio available? You are on your way since you found it here already! Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB gives you all the performance and looks you need when building the ultimate PC. Its neat white look gives it an elegant look that can be paired with a lot of themes. Here are the reasons that make this RAM stand out.

They remain true to their promises, even though most products do not live up to the taglines, but they are still the best RAM for 12th generation Intel CPUs. The memory works faster and consumes less power than its rivals. Because of this, the system is less stressed by heat, making the RAM a more energy-efficient product. You can tweak your kit to make it run faster and more efficiently. Using a heatsink, you can even monitor temperature levels.

RGB lights make this RAM stand out from its competition. Capellix LEDs ensure a professional gaming vibe and help your system gleam. The outstanding ICUE software allows you to customize these 12 individually-addressable lights completely to your liking. In addition, some users dislike bright lights, and some think they are too flashy. Neither the software nor the hardware currently offers a way to dim the brightness to a level that is tolerable.

Patriot Viper Elite Series

Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4

The Patriots like to create products that are infused with the latest technology. Viper Elite Series memory kits maintain this ritual by offering a long list of awesome specifications. The 16 GB version on our list can be accommodated by the majority of Intel and AMD motherboards. Considering that 43mm is somewhere between high-profile and low-profile, air-based CPU coolers might need to be compromised; however, liquid-based coolers can be used without hesitation.  

As a result, the kit supports Extreme Memory Profile (XMP 2.0), an Intel technology that automatically adjusts the memory frequency based on the specific needs of the user. The base frequency of modules is 2133 MHz, which can be expanded to 2666 MHz by using smarter programming, but the timing increases to 16-17-17-36 by shifting the timing from 15-15-15-36 to 16-17-17-36. Besides these, there are many other features that make this DDR4 RAM one of the most advanced on the market. Although the overclocking or timing is varied, the power consumption remains the same at 1.2V.

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For those seeking a rugged and sophisticated look, this product may be a good choice. It has to primarily focus on its grey and black colour scheme. Those two colours blend well and create a beautiful contrast. This component appears to have enough cooling features to minimize heat generation. An aluminium heat spreader helps dissipate heat more effectively. Additionally, the tailored heat shields and heat spreader structures occupy space on both sides of the PC case, ensuring sufficient airflow.

G.Skill Trident Z RGB

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM is one of the best RAM brands for achieving vivid effects on a newly-built computer. There is no comparison to other RAM brands when it comes to this product. You can play around with their timings and they’re top-end performers. The design is elegant, and the fit and finish make for a seamless match for any builder. A sterling dual-channel design and a 10-layer PCB were used to make this product.

In addition to consistently delivering high-quality products, G.Skill ensures durability and reliability. Similarly, this RAM is backed by a limited lifetime warranty because of the high quality it provides. Add dominating and flamboyant RGB lights to your rig with the memory kit. The overclocking headroom it provides is not impressive, but it is user-friendly and very tunable. G.Skill’s best RAM for Intel 12th Gen items comes with the largest DIMM kit, as well as the best-on-earth techniques.

We still recommend this memory profile to users of all kinds, even though it is not the most amazing overclocker. It is truly an extraordinary DDR4 RAM! Order it now, so you can step up your game! While this RAM isn’t widely available, we were able to steer you to the right place and to the original product to cut the trouble. Take a shot at this durable RAM now.


Intel, a leader in the industry, has only recently launched its top-ranked processors, which are hot right now. As for the PC users from all over the world, they are ecstatic over this launch because they have been anticipating the products ever since the brand first hinted at them. You can upgrade your computer with any item in this lineup for a while. Manufacturers designed these top-end processors using the Alder Lake architecture for the 12th generation. In addition to PCIe 5.0 support, these CPUs support DDR5. In addition, Intel has also supported DDR4 RAM.

For many users, DDR4 RAM is still the sweet spot for Intel 12th Gen processors, which they have opted for since it is the best DDR4 RAM for them. The challenge with such a modern CPU is finding a DDR4 memory kit that works best for it. Our DDR4 RAMs are the best because of that reason. Based on the individual capabilities of each one, our experts tested and ranked them. Everyone is good in their own way. Moreover, DDR4 RAM is very low-voltage, so it is optimized for lower costs and can handle intensive tasks. With faster RAMs, users will be able to play games and multitask with ease.

Faqs About Best DDR4 Ram For Gaming

Does a DDR4 need a lot of RAM?

It takes at least 4GB to run a basic web browser, 8GB to play games, and 16GB to work on graphics and edit. Your needs and your work will determine how much RAM you need. As a whole, DDR4 can support up to 64 GB of RAM.

When DDR4 is paired with DDR5, does it work?

The 12th generation Intel processors support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules, which make them the most up-to-date products. While constructing a 12th Gen build, you need to take extra care because DDR4 and DDR5 RAM have slightly different connector layouts. If you select your memory carefully, you can still build an awesome system. Those in search of a good DDR4 kit are recommended to consider the G.Skill Trident Z RGB.

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