Best Motherboard for i5 6600K | Top Mobo Reviews of 2021

Best Top Rated Motherboard

Best quality Motherboard for i5 6600k

  • Shaped PCB Design
  • 10 Power Phase Design
  • ASRock Full Coverage M.2 Heatsink
  • Polychrome RGB


Best Budget Motherboard

Best Budget Motherboard for i5 6600k

  • An outstanding performance
  • High Quality Audio Capacitors
  • Supports RGB LED strips in 7 colors
  • Affordable price with great features


Best for Professionals

Top Mobo for i5 6600k

  • Very affordable
  • supported 9th and 8th generation intel core processors
  • Excellent Audio quality


As we all know, all the chipsets come with different specifications, making them different from one another. Moreover, this chipset makes each system set up perfect. Besides, here are some of the best motherboards for i5 6600k that we will discuss in detail. Furthermore, the motherboard that requires less energy is also considered the best one. This will help you select the best one. We advise you to buy a motherboard that truly fits your needs and requirements and is compatible with the system setup you own. Additionally, we have conducted thorough research to make a fine list of the best motherboards for you, so you don’t have to do any further research. The best mobo for i5 6600k is perfect for all the systems. The list of all the products that we have reviewed is as under.

Top 7 Best Motherboard For i5 6600k

1. ASUS PRIME B360M-A LGA 1151

The first product that we will review is ASUS LGA1151 which is incredible in its features. Moreover, this motherboard is exceptionally designed for 8th generation intel core processors for increased speeds. Aside from that, it has dual M.2 slots and intel optane memory compatibility, making the motherboard even more efficient. Additionally, it comes with USB 3.1 Gen 2 specifications which makes the motherboard even more versatile. Also, if you are looking for a reliable motherboard, then why not choose ASUS LGA1151? It is perfect with regards to its functions. It has an increased compatibility level, and this motherboard’s reliability depends on the 5X protection III hardware level. Even more, this motherboard features dynamic cooling through Fan Xpert 2+. Additionally, this is the best motherboard for i5 6600k gaming, as per different reviews.

Additional features

  • ASUS optimum excels memory stability
  • Increased performance
  • PCB layers maintain signal integrity at higher frequencies
  • Crystal clear sound through onboard 8-channel HD audio.


  • Perfect for gaming
  • User friendly
  • It comes with a lock feature
  • Easy installation
  • Worth buying


  • Not compatible with intel 8 generation
  • Audio cuts out randomly

Bottom line

To conclude the above product, we must say it is a dynamic motherboard with all the necessary features that a user is looking for. Also, it requires easy installation, which eliminates all the burden of the user. Moreover, the user can experience a crystal clear sound through this motherboard.

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Another motherboard on our list is GIGABYTE B365M which has features of its own. Additionally, if you search for a motherboard that supports 8 and 9 generation intel core processors, this motherboard is your perfect match. Besides, it comes with a dual-channel non-ECC unbuffered DDR4 which makes the motherboard even more durable. Furthermore, a classic PWM design makes the motherboard stand out among other motherboards in the market. Additionally, if you are fond of listening to high-quality sound, there is no need to worry about getting the best quality audio with a crystal clear sound. Also, the LED trace path lightning is another interesting feature of this remarkable motherboard. The SATA interface is yet another important thing about the motherboard. Moreover, this one is truly the best motherboard for intel i5 6600k by every means.

Additional features

  • Wireless device
  • Strong integrity
  • Supports 8 and 9 generation


  • Superior quality
  • Convenient in use
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Sufficient memory


  • Compatibility issues faced by some people
  • A large video card makes the second slot useless.

Bottom line

GIGABYTE B365M is a wonderful motherboard for all the gamers out there. Additionally, it supports 8 generations along with 9 generations. Besides, this motherboard is superior in quality.


Another wonderful motherboard on our list is known as ASRock B365M. This motherboard is unique in its style. Apart from that, similar to the above-reviewed motherboard, this one also supports 8 and 9 generation intel core processors simultaneously. Moreover, the CPU can work even on 95W. Alongside, this motherboard also has the capacity of 64 GB memory, which is sufficient for users who do not load up extra items on their motherboards. Also, this motherboard comprises a dual-channel similar to other outstanding motherboards in the market.

Furthermore, its multi graphics feature the most discussed feature among professional gamers. Even more, this motherboard supports CrossFireX and AMD Quad CrossFireX technology. However, this incredible motherboard has all you need to don’t wait and grab this piece of convenience for your system. However, this is the best overclock for i5 6600k without a doubt.

Additional features

  • Multi graphics
  • It comes with a DDR4 RAM
  • Memory speed of 2400 MHz


  • Best investment
  • Suitable for gamers
  • Requires less energy for installation
  • Complete tech support
  • Reliable


  • Requires time in troubleshooting
  • Difficult to insert video cards in the slot

Bottom line

However, ASRock B365M is the best invention until now as people are more indulged in buying this motherboard. Aside from that, if you want to invest in a reliable motherboard, this one is the best. Besides, the multi graphics feature makes the motherboard even more versatile.

4. Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0

Best Budget Motherboard for i5 6600k

Another product on the list is the ASUS intel 8th generation which is yet another great invention. Moreover, this motherboard is particularly designed for 8 generation intel core processors. Besides, if you want to maximize your system’s memory, this is the perfect motherboard. Aside from that, if you are looking for maximum connectivity and speed. Also, it comes with an integrated M.2 slot.

Additionally, you can become truly flexible with the use of this motherboard. Aside from that, the engineering design of these incredible motherboards is beyond imagination. Aside from that, this motherboard can deal with any workload. The best gaming motherboard for i5 6600k is Asus 8th generation for sure.

Additional features

  • Supports various types of memory kits
  • Deals all kind of workload
  • Provides solid foundations to fulfill dreams


  • Smart body
  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Front panel connector
  • Fast data transfer


  • People face issue with parts as they are dead on arrival
  • CPU housing has some issues

Bottom line

ASUS intel 8th generation motherboard is the ultimate choice of many people. Additionally, it has many features that inspire several users, due to which they make this motherboard their final choice. Apart from that, this motherboard is fit for all types of environments.

5. MSI Pro Series Intel B250

Another amazing motherboard on the list is MSI pro series intel that makes your life even easier.

Additionally, you do not have to worry even though you are playing heavy games or downloading intensive applications; this motherboard will never make you regret your decision. Even more, This motherboard can fit in any PC. Aside from that, your business will excel among other businesses if you choose the right motherboard from your system. Additionally, the motherboard comes with numerous fan headers that make your PC cooled off and are more durable for long-lasting performance. Besides, legacy connectors for boomers are yet another important feature of this motherboard that makes things much easier for you. Ultimately, this is considered the best i5 6600k motherboard.

Additional features

  • Ideal weight
  • Studio-grade sound quality
  • Delivers speed up to 32 Gb


  • Smart features
  • Amazing performance under any circumstances
  • Increased speed
  • Lightning USB
  • Military Class 5 components


  • Placement of fan header
  • Unpleasant packing

Bottom line

To make things clear, we used the motherboard and then reviewed it. Moreover, it is a fantastic motherboard with exceptionally amazing features. Whether you want to play games or download high-end applications, you will not face any heating issues. However, you can consider it the best motherboard for 6600k.

6. GIGABYTE H310M A 2.0

Another interesting motherboard on our list is GIGABYTE H310M which is a brilliant invention. Aside from that, the most interesting fact about his motherboard is that it supports two generations at a time, like generation 8 and 9. Additionally, it comes with a dual-channel unbuffered DDR4 which is the coolest thing about this motherboard. Furthermore, it has high-quality audio capacitors that make the sound even more amazing. Apart from that, an amazing SATA interface is there to accompany your system through this motherboard. Also, this motherboard tends to support RGB LED strips in 7 colors, making this motherboard even more dynamic. Aside from that, it also has smart Fan 5 features that increase the efficiency of this motherboard. Furthermore, the best overclocking motherboard for i5 6600k is GIGABYTE H310M.

Additional features

  • It comes with intel USB 3.1
  • Smart Fan features multiple temperatures
  • Hybrid Fan


  • Anti-sulfur resistors design
  • Works wonders even in tough environments
  • It comes with useful features such as a USB
  • Fast charging capability
  • High performance


  • Difficult to install
  • 6-pin power cable does not work

Bottom line

This motherboard is incredibly amazing as it features many different things that make the motherboard even more versatile. Additionally, it helps your system to work more efficiently. Aside from that, this motherboard works wonders for many people, and they prefer it over other motherboards in the market.

7. Asus Z170 PRO Gaming Motherboard

The next product line is Asus dual DDR4 which is again another incredible motherboard for your system. Moreover, you can easily install it on your systems. If you are crazy about playing games, it is the most wonderful match for your system as it increases your gaming efficiencies. It allows you to access the entire RAM. Aside from that, this motherboard comes with SATA 3, which is extremely good for your system and provides uninterrupted functioning. Also, this motherboard has the ideal size and weight, so the user does not have to worry about that. Apart from that, many users have switched to this incredible motherboard as it perfectly suits all types of PCs. However, this motherboard is the best budget motherboard for i5 6600k.

Additional features

  • Increased compatibility
  • Dynamic features
  • Provides uninterrupted functioning


  • Quality is amazing
  • High performing motherboard
  • Top-quality material
  • Versatile
  • User friendly


  • Board has some issues
  • A bit pricy

Bottom line

This is a wonderful motherboard with various features. It fulfills all the needs of a gamer or a person who is fond of downloading many applications that require extensive memory. There are no such complaints about the motherboard’s memory as all the users happily accept it.

Frequently asked questions

1. what motherboard for i5 6600k?

  • ASUS PRIME B360M-A LGA 1151
  • Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0
  • MSI B250 PC Mate Intel B250
  • GIGABYTE H310M A 2.0
  • Asus Z170 PRO Gaming Motherboard

2. What chipset is i5 6600k?

I5 6600k has an intel HD graphics 530 chipsets.

3. Is i5 6600k good for gaming?

It is perfectly meant for gamers who want the explore the world of gaming.

4. How to overclock i5 6600k?

To overlock i5 6600k, you need to follow these steps:

  • Power on your PC
  • Press Del to enter BIOS
  • Now press f7 for advance mode
  • Open Ai tweaker menu
  • Go to dram timing control and click enter.

5. Which type of motherboard can I use for i5 6600k?

You can surely use a sixth-generation intel processor which comes unlocked to make you perform even higher.


To conclude the article, we have discussed various motherboards above to increase your knowledge regarding choosing the best motherboard for your system. Moreover, All the above motherboards are amazing. You can choose any one of these by keeping in mind your requirements. Furthermore, you might not like all the motherboards, but you will surely buy one from this list. We discussed the best motherboard for i5 6600k in detail in this article. Now the choice is yours!

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