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AMD’s i7 9700k processor is regarded as a highly competitive mid-range gaming chip. Recent AMD editions have impressive gaming performance and efficiency stats. On the basis of 7nm FinFET chip core technology, six cores work effectively with twelve threads. The best RAM for i7 9700k can support clock speeds of up to 4.2 GHz with a clock rate of 3.6 GHz. There are enough margins for overclocking this chip to boost its performance. It has high-performance capabilities, which makes it a popular chip.

AMD’s i7 9700k processor is regarded as a highly competitive mid-range gaming chip. Recent AMD editions have impressive gaming performance and efficiency stats. On the basis of 7nm FinFET chip core technology, six cores work effectively with twelve threads. The best RAM for i7 9700k can support clock speeds of up to 4.2 GHz with a clock rate of 3.6 GHz. There are enough margins for overclocking this chip to boost its performance. It has high-performance capabilities, which makes it a popular chip.

The remainder of the elements should perform equally well with the processor if you are a computer expert. Gig compositions like these prevent bottlenecking, which ultimately results in better execution. To assist our users with the task of buying the best RAM for i7 9700k, we wrote this article. Memory frequency and capacity are the most important aspects of RAM, as these factors directly affect the rig’s speed and execution of instructions.

Top Best RAM For I7 9700k In 2022

1 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro has the same design as their Vengeance LPX, but it has attractive RGB lighting and different colours. Additionally, the gaming community has a great deal of fame for this product, especially because it is capable of high overclocking. Although it has a price tag that may seem on the higher side, it is the best RAM for the i7 9700k in terms of performance. AMD and Intel’s newest motherboards and platforms can be paired with it without sacrificing performance. There are both black and white options to choose from, so there is no obtrusive appearance. 

The best RAM for Ryzen 3600 on our list is 16GB (2x 8GB) with a frequency of 2666MHz. You wouldn’t face any issues regarding slower response times since it provides a data transfer rate of 21.3 GB/s. The kit has the lowest CAS latency on the market, 15 milliseconds. In addition to reducing your energy costs, saving 1.2V will also save you money. 

Heat management is ensured with a larger anodized heat spreader, which includes Samsung B-DIE chips. Apart from all that, the RGB of this item is the most-discussed feature. A CORSAIR iCUE software program controls the ten RGB LEDs. A great interface can be provided by customizing the lighting effects in the kit through the software. Under no circumstances will your rig be affected by a bad ram upgrade.

2 Patriot Viper Elite Series

Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4

With the Patriot Viper Elite Series, you will soon be able to step into the land of the great manufacturers. But first, a few things to know. For many logistical users, it is very enticing to have the options of Intel and AMD platforms, as they both work together with DDR4 platforms. In addition, it is equipped with an aluminium heat spreader, meaning intense gamers will be able to attain a durable RAM module with its accelerated heat dissipation.

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You will be inspired at every glance by the lavishing components. A number of reasons make it the best RAM fori7 9700k, but one of the most important factors is its XMP 2.0 support and innovative automatic overclocking feature. There are several other variations becoming apparent among many borders in addition to these substantials.

Timings of 16-18-18-36 and 1.2V are a sign of a test that provides its users with a high standard. They are easily accessible to anyone.

Higher built and innovative improvisation are the primary reasons for which the manufacturers believe that any buyer would be able to purchase these finest RAMs. That is true. The i7 9700kbest RAM might have a few drawbacks, but it is still the best RAM for the i7 9700k. Hence, it achieves superb performance, high-speed validation, and system compatibility to satisfy the user. These RAMs’ nominations are mainly due to dual-channel memory support and other additional features.

3 G.Skill Trident Z Neo

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

G.Skill Trident Z Neo is our next opponent. Those who are craving brilliance need the opinions of our experts. There is no denying that it is a high-end component for the entire system; it offers the user every feature he might possibly desire in a memory module. Despite its superior performance, the product consistently holds the first place like a boss.

You may not have heard of G.Skill yet if you have not been keeping up with technology world news, or you may have been living under a rock because G.Skill is one of the top manufacturers in the world who does not compromise on either quality or performance. With this i7 9700k best RAM from this brand, it has changed the game for its rivals in a big way. Be aware, though, that it is considerably more expensive than its competition.

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The RAM, too, isn’t perfect and has flaws, as they say. Its price is a notable downside, followed by its specifications. It is not compatible with an older motherboard, so if you choose to use this G.SKILL’s best RAM fori7 9700k, you will have to upgrade your motherboard as well; this may sound like a con, but it will make your system futuristic for many years.

4 G.Skill Trident Z Royal Silver

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series

Among the brands, G.Skill has the potential to satisfy the needs of nearly every gaming enthusiast. Trident Z’s flagship line, the Trident Z Royal Silver, adds an advanced element with a unique crown jewel design. Taking advantage of the high-performance features of 3200MHZ and 16GB (2x 8GB) capacities, we have selected the 16GB (2x 8GB) version. While this kit might seem expensive to some of our customers, it is perfectly suitable for Intel and AMD motherboards and will be able to provide you with a jaw-dropping performance. 

XMP 2.0, an Intel technology, is used to unlock the following memory for overclocking. Dual-channel kits have a rated clock frequency of 2133MHz, which can be increased to 3200MHz for memory speed. For everyday use, it requires just 1.2V of voltage which can increase up to 1.35V when the load increases; naturally, overclocking requires more power. In any case, the performance numbers indicate that this kit is capable of providing the fastest RAM for i7 9700k titles.

Best RAM For Intel Core i7-11700k

This kit is the fastest on our list because of its 14-14-14-34 timing. We now turn our attention to its most significant element, aesthetics. The top is entirely covered in a crystalline light bar with eight zones of RGB lighting. With its crystalline light bar, this RAM provides splendid classical lighting in combination with i7 9700k processors. In addition, it has an aluminium heat spreader in silver colour, which adds to its aesthetics and helps keep the heat down.

5 Thermaltake Toughram RGB

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB

With its luminous RGB lightning-like appearance and seamless thermal performance, Thermaltake Toughram RGB is the most charming RAM. These RAMs offer different features for different kinds of users. There are many compatibility options and gaming frequencies with this model. The frequencies can be observed from a line of 3000MHz to 4400MHz and are not visible to a single light ray. Well, this is the fun part, isn’t it, because you won’t be limited to one point?

In contrast, Intel’s 300, 200, and 100 series are delineated by 16GB of memory, and the AMD X570 shows compatibility with Intel’s 300, 200, and 100 series. As the best RAM fori7 9700k, it will come with frequent updates and features, therefore it can be considered the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3700. Aluminium heat spreaders are used in these robust memory modules, allowing faster and more effective heat dissipation.

This XMP 2.0 ready RAM has 10 super addressable RGB LEDs, 16 tested latencies, durable construction, and a custom lightning display, making it an excellent RAM for i7 9700k. Most optical RAM might not be available to you unless you’ve researched these highly monitored memory modules, so read these reviews wherever you are. You will be entertained by balanced ingredients that will enhance your system’s capabilities.

6 TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Zα


This Taiwan-based company offers the latest and most advanced technologies available for hardware components. AMD’s latest Ryzen 3000 series processors and the X570 motherboard support AMD’s T-Force Dark Z motherboard. As some users have complained that i7 9700k isn’t fast enough for 16GB of ram, we opted for a 16GB (2x 8GB) variant with 3200 MHz of memory speed in this review section. By providing a high data transfer rate of 25 GB/s, this memory module even outperformed the competitive modules in the same price range.

There might be issues fitting some air-based CPU coolers with modules with a height of 43.5 mm. Furthermore, this best ram for i7 9700k runs at a CL16-20-20-40 latency when running at maximum intensity. With a new Extreme Memory Profile (XMP 2.0), you can safely overclock your system depending on gameplay. According to the overclocking intensity and temperature, the input voltage varies from 1.2V to 1.35V.

As a matter of fact, the i7 9700k needs more than just faster RAM to be the best gaming RAM. In the manufacturing process, all ICs are sorted rigorously and then tested before completing the product. These steps give users maximum performance and stability, as well as excellent products. A rugged armour design and a one-piece alloy aluminium construction make this the best of its class.

7 Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

You need an invincible RAM if you want to beat your opponents in a gaming competition. Can such a high-performing item be easily found in a sea of options that is so confusing? In the form of the Corsair Vengeance LPX, the leading company offers you a solution to your dilemma. This outstanding product is not just quick and flashy; it also performs very well during thermal conditions.

Let’s give a brief introduction to Corsair, a company known worldwide. They are known for their innovative products. It is no wonder that they have become known for user-friendly products, and this one, which they just released, is no exception. Every corner of this item has something to say because it is so meticulously made and detailed. No matter how much you put on it to handle, the Ryzen 7 3700 best RAM will not lose its performance, isn’t it?

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A crowded memory market leads to vague decisions for the end-user. You won’t waste time on dissatisfactory items that cause a disruptive effect on your system when you choose this highly-responsive item. In such an environment, Corsair’s best RAM for Ryzen 7 700X will improve your gaming experience in a way that no other RAM will ever be able to. As a whole, it beats most of the top-tier items in the competitive market.

8 Crucial Ballistix

Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4

During its time, Crucial Ballistix, a RAM company, was highly flourishing. When it comes to storage capacity, 16GB is a lot, whether you are a toddler or a parent of a kid who plays heavy games. The onlookers will be able to do a lot with it. It is easy to engrave sluggish performance or drastic efficiency into the grounds of your design thanks to the 16 case latency and 1.35V voltage combination. This machine is one of those beasts capable of providing performance at the forefront of technology.

Many quirky features will make you wonder why you should choose this stack. Consequently, its temperature rises dramatically with real-time temperature monitoring and 3D print customization, which means it is truly a RAM that sustains a balance between heat and aggressive gameplay. The results of extended games are not at risk. It may be interesting for colour lovers. In short, it’s one of those beasts that will deliver top-tier performance and intelligence. The heat spreaders of these RAMs are displayed in multiple colours, so you can forget about the typical old look and enjoy a dizzying one.

Each chamber opens up in a manner that amazes the user at each stage. Besides its 288-pin support, low profile and extreme overclocking capabilities, it also has a low profile form factor and low power consumption. These elements qualify it as one of the top mid-priced RAMs for the i7 9700k CPU. With the assistance of these high-end options, your system will be raised in performance and will please your eyes with its premium overclocking and glazing appearance. The crack package should be downloaded as soon as possible since you will need it to acquire your system.


In terms of raw gaming performance, the Intel Core i7 9700k is faster than AMD’s competitors. For this gaming powerhouse to perform at its peak, we also need high-end components like memory and motherboards that provide the same performance.

Here, you will find a list of the top RAMs for the i7 9700k that you should consider in 2022. You can choose from a number of options ranging from budget-friendly modules to high-end premium modules, according to your gaming needs and budget. Patriot offers 16 GB of memory at 2666 MHz, one of the least expensive modules on the market, and we certainly have to compromise on some features, such as RGB lights, for the price.

Faqs About Best Ram For I7 9700k

What RAM is compatible with an i7 9700k?

Compatible with i7 9700k is any DDR4 RAM speed between 2100Mhz and 3600Mhz.

What is the RAM requirement for an i7?

Basic web browsing requires four gigabytes, gaming requires eight gigabytes, and graphical editing requires sixteen gigabytes. Your needs depend on your work. Up to 68 GB of RAM can be supported by the i7 itself.

How much RAM will be best for gaming in 2022?

The best RAM to choose in 2022 is the Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro, especially if you are building your first PC. This RAM is both affordable and offers great performance.

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