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Your computer continuously loads data for later use and then stores it for later use. It’s likely you will need RAM with the best performance for Ryzen 5 5600x on your PC. Choosing from a vast range of RAM in the IT market will be a challenging task for you. This task will be made easy for you. You do not need to worry. The first step to making Ryzen 5 5600x gaming easier is to get a good motherboard supporting the best RAMs.

Processing speeds are determined by the speed of RAM, so you need exceptional RAM if you want to maximize your gaming speed. In addition to being faster, a faster RAM will transfer information from one component to another at a faster rate.

Here, I will show you how to choose the best RAM for Ryzen 5 5600x that will fulfil your needs both now and in the future, enabling you to enjoy better gaming performance.

Top Best RAM For Ryzen 5 5600x In 2022

HyperX Fury 16GB 3466MHz DDR4


Brand: HyperX | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.35 Volts

HyperX Fury 16GB 3466MHz

The best way to describe HyperX Fury is as beauty and the beast. It is refreshing in appearance and frequently tops power benchmarks. In terms of style, this RAM’s heat spreader adds a sleek touch to battle stations. It is the perfect memory solution for jump-starting sluggish AMD systems! With HyperX Fury DDR4 memory, AMD-based systems will work smoothly! 

With such a low price, you might just reconsider buying anything else from another company since this memory set offers an innovative design you won’t find anywhere else.

With HyperX Fury, you can get a high-performance memory solution for the new AMD Ryzen processors. This memory has a speed rating of 3466MHz, which will provide plenty of speed for your rig, and a capacity of 16GB, which is quite ample. In addition to the robust timings featured in this set, it is ideal for people who run intensive games or applications.

These memory modules can reach speeds up to 3733MHz with Ryzen’s predefined Intel Extreme Memory Profiles. HyperX FURY DDR4 is a simple Plug N Play upgrade that takes advantage of all available bandwidth on the motherboard BIOS settings to achieve maximum performance without compromising the quality or reliability of your system.

Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz


Brand:Crucial | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4

With Ballistix and Crucial both having been around the RAM game for a long time, they are very popular brands with computer enthusiasts. Crucial’s Ballistix 3200MHz 16GB CL16 DDR4 DRAM Desktop Memory Kit is the DDR4 desktop gaming memory we will discuss today.

In order to meet the demands of gamers and enthusiasts, high speed and low latency RAM was created. It’s a great ram for people looking to build a new system based on Ryzen 5 5600X and want to avoid having their motherboards screaming bloody murder at them when it’s time to overclock. 

It is possible to push these memory sticks as far as possible because of the aluminium heat spreader on the Ballistix Memory Kit. If you don’t want to mess with a bunch of profiles, you can simply run it at JEDEC default settings if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing an XMP 2.0 profile.

You shouldn’t overlook the Crucial Ballistix 3200MHz 16GB CL16 (8GBx2) DDR4 DRAM Desktop Memory Kit if you’re looking for an entry-level gaming memory kit at a great price.

G.Skill Trident Z NEO Series


Brand:G.Skill | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:2666MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.20 Volts

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

Trident Z Neo from G.Skill tops another list of our Ryzen RAM recommendations. The reason is simple – it is AMD CPU optimized RAM that works right out of the box with considerable room for expansion. The price may be prohibitive for some users. However, if excellence is worth more per kit to you, then this is the best RAM for Ryzen 5 5600X.

It’s no surprise this RAM has been restyled since Neo implies a rework. With its prongs sticking out from the light diffuser, the design is rooted in the original Trident aesthetic. Neo still has an attractive design, with its two-tone color scheme. This kit blends in well with a wide variety of styles thanks to its brushed black aluminium and powder-coated silver half.

A milky plastic diffuser covers each of Neo’s eight LEDs. RAM’s already eye-catching appearance is further enhanced by bright, even lighting. With G.Skill’s software, you can customize the colours and effects to your liking. It’s understandable that you would not want unnecessary bloat, so software like RGB Fusion or Aura Sync can be used to sync the colours up.

Continuing to delve deeper into Neo’s specs, we can see that the memory board has a 10-layer PCB holding Samsung B-die ICs. In terms of XMP performance and flexibility with overclocking, they’re the industry standard. XMP will increase the Neo’s clock speed to 3600MHz with decent timings of 16-19-19-39 once the factory settings are changed to XMP.

What are the practical implications of this? When playing on the highest settings with the Neo, you can snag several FPs instead of cheaper alternatives. Using this tool, you can also handle dozens of browser tabs at once or perform other memory-intensive tasks. Moreover, since it can be overclocked by a further 400MHz or the timings can be tightened, results can be boosted by several per cent more.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 


Brand:Corsair | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.2 Volts

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

The Vengeance RGB PRO series was created by Corsair to enhance gaming and overclocking performance. As this has been designed with high-end gamers in mind, it might not be the best choice for you if price matters more than quality! 

However, its performance is not compromised by its affordable price. Its latency can also be relied upon. 

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO has 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM and a maximum frequency of 3200 MHz, making it the latest RAM for gaming. There are no cables or extra wires necessary for the installation of this RAM. A custom-performance PCB guarantees you will not experience any signal quality issues! Well-screened ICs give you more overclocking power!

With tools like desktop software iCUE (which was recently launched) you can control its lighting on all Corsair ICUE products, including memory and keyboard. Whether you want a product that looks great on your desk and performs well at all levels, this one will not disappoint. It is very easy to use and you will be delighted with how well everything goes together!

Along with other superb components like a CPU or GPU, this RAM can provide great performance in games or programs like Adobe Premiere Pro CC that require high levels of processing power.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z


Brand: Teamgroup | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3000 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.35 Volts

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan

It is a good choice for those on a budget to purchase the Team Group T-Force Vulcan Z 3000MHz kit. It has the same specifications as RAMs, despite the budget price.

The heat spreader is perfectly protected by its unique design and is adhered with high thermal conductive adhesives (Pads) to ensure optimal cooling performance and memory stability. XMP 2.0 profiles are supported by these T-FORCE VULCAN Z modules, which allow easy setup through the BIOS or software to get the best performance from your system.

According to the specs sheet, the T-Force Vulcan Z has a clock speed of 3000MHz, CL16 latency, and a 16GB capacity (2x8GB). Nevertheless, this is no guarantee of its reliability. Even when pushed to the limit, the T-Force’s ICs maintain stability.

In addition to looking fantastic inside your case, it will also be attractive to other PC gamers who already use TEAMGROUP memory modules.

Among the most critical components of a computer are memory and SSD, which are manufactured by TeamGroup Memory. Its high-quality products at competitive prices allow you to rely on them at any time. Ultimately, the TeamGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z is an affordable yet efficient memory module that can be used with the Ryzen 5 5600X.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series


Brand:G.Skill | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.45 Volts

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series

G.Skill’s dual-colour splash Neo series also has set up versatility, but its aesthetically pleasing design makes it unique. Even if it doesn’t have the appeal of Corsair’s Dominator Platinum line or the setup versatility of G.Skill’s own Dominator Platinum line, however, it does stand out from the rest in a physical sense. With its sparkling silver metallic finish and crystalline RGB display, this product is royal.

Its 4000Mhz CL18 performance out of the box, however, makes it more suitable for the award category. An older board can use this setting straight away if it is already set and does not have to worry about continuing stability. The gains are usually superficial at this point, and they are very dependent on how well the 1:1 or 1:2 ratios are matched to the infinity fabric of the Ryzen 5 5600X.

This level of performance is even better when it is offered for a more affordable price than what the competition offers. DDR4 modules from Corsair Dominator Platinum, for example, are typically a third more expensive than Trident Z Royal Series modules.

Even so, despite its premium nature, it is not particularly expensive even though it won’t match frame-for-frame the additional funds spent beyond 3600Mhz.

Patriot Viper III


Brand: Patriot | Memory Type: DDR3 | Memory Speed: 1600 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.5 Volts

Patriot 16GB(2x8GB) Viper III

Patriot Viper III from Team Group combines high performance, good looks and affordability in an impressive memory kit. Designed for maximum durability and performance, it comes with premium materials. 

The Patriot Viper III Black Mamba is an all-in-one package that gives you convenience, style, and exceptional performance. We love its unique design because it gives not only functionality but also a great look! It is available in various colours so you can create a perfect fit. Neither overheating nor a decrease in response time was encountered.

The Patriot Viper III Black Mamba is the perfect combination of form and function. With its striking black-on-black design, the Ryzen 5 5600X Best RAM is a wonderful addition to any PC build. It also features a beautiful low latency that will give you unsurpassed responsiveness, as well as improved heat dissipation that will keep your machine running smoothly and reliably.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Pro Samsung


Brand: TEAMGROUP | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.35 Volts

TEAMGROUP T-Force Dark Pro

Among Team Group’s great performing RAMs is the T-Force Dark Pro. Featuring a great design and complete compatibility, the T-Force Dark Pro Dual Channel DDR4 3200MHz 16GB memory is available in 16GB capacities.

Factory/stock frequencies are 3200MHz with 14-14-14-34 timings, which means it has great factory/stock frequencies. A very smooth and efficient bandwidth is also provided for Ryzen 5 5600X in CL14 with very low CAS latency. In gaming, high frequency and low CAS latency are important as most games are able to run at maximum speed with this RAM, while those that are memory intensive will experience an incredible performance boost.

In addition to offering an excellent cooling solution, this 5-piece heat sink has a stylish appearance. Team Group offers a lifetime warranty along with complete quality assurance. Its strength results in a long lifespan because it is durable both inside and out.

As a result, it is an excellent offering from TeamGroup at an attractive price point, providing the best performance gain when used in conjunction with the Ryzen 5 5600X CPU.



Brand: XPG | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.2 – 1.4 Volts



RAM’s primary function is to ensure that your computer operates smoothly. How can you also make it look appealing? It’s not a problem whether or not you’re using XPG D60G RAM, as it is one of the most beautiful that we’ve seen.

The heat spreader on the sticks looks absolutely stunning on the outside. They are quite bright, and many motherboard manufacturers offer software that allows you to customize them. This product also consumes very little power, so it’s a great buy. A portion of the RGB surface extends onto the motherboard to create an even more impressive effect.

Looks aren’t everything. In addition, the performance of these two 8GB sticks is excellent, and dual-channel capability is available. Similarly, the CL18 timings, which keep performance in check, are sufficient for the speed of 3600MHz. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X complements well with this kit for a machine that is suitable for gaming and working, depending on your needs.

XPG’s D60G RAM kit is definitely worth the extra cost if you don’t mind spending a bit more on looks despite the performance gain. This system enhances the aesthetics of your system more than you would imagine, and it is completely worth every penny spent on it.

TEAMGROUP T-Force Night Hawk


Brand: TEAMGROUP | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.2 – 1.4 Volts

TEAMGROUP T-Force Night Hawk

It is a beast of a RAM that Teamgroup T-Force Night Hawk. You can soar through the highest graphic settings with this RAM’s power and speed. The possibilities are limitless with this RAM’s speed. Using this best RAM for Ryzen 5 5600x, you won’t need to compromise performance for style. Unique and eye-catching, the Hawkeye design is one of the best available in the market.

Those who think that 4000 MHz is overkill and do not want to burden their systems will be pleased to know that we have some good news for them. Due to its very low voltage of 1.2-1.4V, you can save up to 40% of your energy expenses. In addition to reducing heat generation, this helps the environment.

With the black and white heat spreaders, you’re sure to maintain excellent performance while keeping your rig cool. It works with different lighting software and features an aluminium heat spreader. If you need to play games or do regular tasks on your computer, the CL 18-20-20-40 is designed to meet your needs.

Corsair Vengeance LPX


Brand:Corsair | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:2666 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair’s Vengeance LPX is the RAM kit you should consider if you want RAM that will work well without getting in the way of your CPU’s air cooler. Performance is what it’s all about here, and it’s ideal for AMD CPUs, so let’s dig in deeper.

RAM sticks appear to be quite simple on the outside. Only the Vengeance logo is yellow on the all-black design. The design is simple and purely functional, with no RGB or high-profile extravaganzas. You won’t have any issues with temperature because of the heat sink. Moreover, this cooler is fairly low profile, so it can accommodate a larger air cooler with no issue.

Vengeance LPX kit performs exceptionally well in terms of performance. The total amount of memory is 16GB (two 8GB sticks running at 3600MHz). For AMD’s new CPUs, this is more than sufficient and should perform well. With this in mind, along with the CL18 timing, and Corsair’s hand-sorting of the sticks, you are sure to have great performance. Also, the price is quite reasonable, so that’s an added bonus.

PNY XLR8 Gaming Epic-X


Brand: PNY | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3200 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

PNY XLR8 Gaming 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4

Don’t let your PC fall short of its potential. One of the most outstanding gaming rigs is the PNY XLR8 Gaming Epic-X 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel kit with stunning RGB lighting and incredible performance. By testing every memory chip rigorously, GeIL’s DYNA 4 SLT patent guarantees outstanding performance, outstanding quality, and excellent stability. 

With our DDR4 memory sticks, you’ll get a system that’s so fast, you can almost taste it! All you need is your favourite Intel or AMD chipset to go with them. This kit is undoubtedly one of the best in its class, owing to its powerful and reliable LEDs. There have also been continued advances in RAM design, resulting in a more robust and longer-lasting kit.

It turns out that there is a RAM that is even better than all the others. You can create custom colour schemes according to your taste by choosing between black onyx and rose gold for the exterior.

Interested in learning more? Here’s what I want you to know about this amazing product: it provides vibrant illumination in any space using LED lights. Two translucent layers of crystal-clear acrylic are laminated together to produce multiple vivid colours.

Faqs About Best Ryzen 5 5600x Ram

Would a Ryzen 5 5600x be better off with 3600 MHz RAM?

You’re absolutely right, this is the fastest RAM clock speed. Your gaming experience will be smooth, without lag or buffering. You can consider this RAM the best choice for your Ryzen 5 5600x. It is also sufficient for your most demanding tasks. AMD Ryzen processors are best suited to this RAM.

Does Ryzen 5 5600x work better with certain RAM?

It works well with your Ryzen 5 5600x when you have Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz RAM installed. I already described some of the advantages of this RAM in my previous article. So make sure you read those features to discover why it’s the best.

Buying Guide

The above-referenced features of G.skill’s Trident Z NEO series should help you understand why this RAM series is so worthy of your consideration. The RAM is beautiful due to its blasting features including a dual-tone design. By keeping the RAM protected by a bevelled edge, you can prevent it from being damaged by other components.

Also, it provides outstanding performance and enhances your working experience as it is compatible with virtually all motherboards and processors. You can increase your PC’s performance by buying the best RAM for AMD Ryzen 5 5600x.


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