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The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X processor is the best option for playing high-end games at lofty settings. With its impressive and latest specifications and features, it’s a great addition to gamers’ lifestyles. The 7nm FinFET CPU core technology is used in this brain. The eight cores and sixteen threads of the CPU can be fully utilised when paired with other components of similar efficiency. AMD’s Zen 3 architecture was a pleasant surprise.

Our users, however, have complained about experiencing slight lag while playing games. In their attempt to solve this issue, they paired their graphics cards with the best ones. Ryzen 9 5950X games can run up to 240+ frames per second when you have the best RAM for Ryzen. The computer will also work faster and communicate faster when the memory socket is compatible. Reading this article will help you get the most out of your computer system. 

Quick Shopping Tips About Best Ram For Ryzen 5950x

Heat Sink

Heat is a major problem with RAMs. Because high temperatures harm electronic hardware, they can cause thermal throttling. We will primarily focus on heat sink design since it is a potential factor in the stable performance of RAMs. Heatsinks and even forced air coolers are built into RAMs to prevent temperatures from rising.

About RAM

RAM is primarily characterized by its total capacity and type of memory module. RAM is offered in a number of different sizes and configurations. When these factors have been taken care of, you can move on. The lineups are designed like DDR4 or DDR5, and the generation numbers follow. It is recommended that we don’t go lower than 4th Generation. 

You also need to know more about B550 vs X570 Motherboards and which one is best or compatible with Ryzen 9 5950x.


 RAM can also be overclocked to achieve faster data transfer speeds, just as we can overclock GPUs and CPUs. It is usually measured in MHZ, but it may also be measured in GHz. As the data transfer rate increases, the performance will increase, as well. Furthermore, you must determine if the modules can overclock themselves as well as their rated memory frequency. A module that offers more frequency is better for me. 


 Power requirements for RAM are represented by voltages. Additionally, it can be used to enhance the stability of the RAM when overclocked. As data rates increase, so do power demands and RAM operating voltages, so a motherboard that can handle higher data rates is equally important.

Top Best RAMs For Ryzen 9 5950x In 2022

Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz


Brand:Crucial | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz DDR4

Ryzen 9 5950x works best with Crucial Ballistix mid-price RAM. Based on your PC configuration, you can play Call of Duty: Warzone at 158 to 179 FPS with this RAM. This increase in frame rate is primarily due to this RAM being a memory-intensive RAM for Ryzen 9 5950X. Crucial has the perfect solution for frequent RAM access in online games. Additionally, the company provides three colours to make your PC look uniform.

This RAM doesn’t have RGB lighting, but we have other alternatives for those looking to light up the interior of their PC chassis. Crucial has changed the way they supply their RAMs. Users need to be aware of this fact. Instead of 16 chip/stick modules, they now provide 8 chip/stick modules. This results in lower thermal performance and slower data transfer rates. Because the performance difference differs slightly and the thermal efficiency difference is insignificant, the price reduction appears reasonable.

Memory modules from Crucial are manufactured by Micron Die. Their reliability and longevity are well known. Despite its 3200MHz advertised speed, this RAM reaches 3800MHz. A low-profile design allows the installation of large air-based CPU coolers, which also improves the ventilating of the PC case, resulting ultimately in better thermal performance for the RAM. Hot air can be easily expelled through a cutout on the top.

Teamgroup T-FORCE Vulcan Z


Brand: Teamgroup | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3000 MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | Voltage: 1.35 Volts

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan

Founded in Taiwan, Teamgroup is known for building record-breaking hardware components. You can get up to 64 GB of memory capacity with this lineup of memory modules, which feature frequencies ranging from 2666 MHz to 3600 MHz. This variant of the Teamgroup Vulcan Z has a memory frequency of 3200 MHz and features 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) of storage space. This new generation of addition has a decent price since the manufacturer strives to offer an affordable price to users. Our list is topped by its very impressive features, making it the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950X.

AMD and Intel motherboards are compatible with it, so you will be impressed by its performance. Since it is unlocked for overclocking, it supports XMP 2.0 profile which enhances the gaming experience by allowing smooth and stable overclocking. There is a timing latency of 16-20-20-40. If you look at the price of the product, I believe this timing is perfect. It has a 32mm height, so it can easily be used with CPU coolers that use air. 

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According to the specs, this variant requires 1.35V to operate; however, it works well at 1.2V. In addition to requiring less power, the aluminium heat sink reduces the component’s temperature, thus enabling overclocking. There is no RGB lighting on this product, and its appeal must be solely based on its rough grey or black appearance. Some users were somewhat disappointed by the old-style look, while others were pleased. Even so, if you don’t face any issues, you can go for the most affordable Ryzen 9 5950x RAM.

Corsair Vengeance LPX


Brand:Corsair | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:2666 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX is one of the top-selling RAMs in the market. We have listed Corsair’s best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950x, considering its ability to be overclocked. Under loaded conditions, overclocking with tight timings is possible since RAM disperses heat well. Moreover, the RAM’s heatsink surface area is large and its top is appropriately finned so that hot air can escape.

Performance-wise, the RAM is amazing. However, ECC is typically used on server PCs and the RAM that supports it is typically slower in performance but more reliable. For its dies, Corsair relies on a variety of manufacturers. In this RAM set, you may find Samsung B and Micron E dies as well as Hynix A dies. The different dies have higher performance, but the stability settings may vary, which might be bothersome to some.

Despite being just 34mm tall, the RAM can sit comfortably underneath many large CPU heats sinks. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide gamers with superior performance. Rise of the Tomb Raider runs at 4K resolution without Anti-Aliasing at a frame rate of 100 frames per second when using an RTX 3090 graphics card. This RAM would suffice for Minecraft as well. With this RAM, you will notice a slight improvement in your productivity-related work, however, such performance is mostly affected by the processor.

G.Skill Trident Z Neo


Brand:G.Skill | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:2666MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.20 Volts

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

One of G.Skill’s most aesthetically pleasing memory modules is the Trident Z Neo. There are other advantages as well. There’s no other RAM on the market that delivers latencies as low as C18 from G.SKILL’s best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950X. Users may also purchase the C16 variant, but it is twice as expensive and is only attainable by elites and enthusiasts. A brushed aluminium half of the heat spreader is paired with a polished silver side.

Besides its eye-catching design, the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950X also boasts addressable RGBs via G-Skill software or one of the major proprietary RGB software packages such as MSI Mystic lights, ASUS AuraSync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0. This module is 1.73 inches tall and works with most major brands of coolers and cases. However, oversized coolers and tiny cases should be avoided. Memory chips are provided by Samsung, a manufacturer that is known for providing high-quality products.

The G-Skill supports a single XMP profile in addition to JEDEC, with a 3600 MHz frequency range from 2133 MHz. Our benchmark tests proved that the RAM is optimized specifically for gaming. In Cinebench and compression testing, the RAM performed moderately. In gaming, the RAM performed very well. As a result, the RAM is overkill and more suited to gamers than the general public.

Thermaltake Toughram RGB


Brand:Thermaltake | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.35 Volts

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB

In Thermotake Toughram RGB, the lighting is customizable. This best RAM for the Ryzen 9 5950X has ten RGB LEDs under a light spreader, which sits on top of the RAM, allowing the RAM to be visible without any obstruction, but it still needs to be thermally efficient. As a result, the RAM does not get scorched at 1.35V, which adds to its stability. The heat sink is quite large, and at 1.35V, it does not get scorched. There are ten layers of PCB for better heat dissipation and durability.

Due to its use of SK Hynix ICs and software customization options, it is the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950x. In comparison to the timings offered by other manufacturers, the RAM runs at looser 18-22-22-42 for 3600MHz. As a result, performance is slightly different, but it is barely noticeable. However, RAM occupies a substantial amount of space, so most CPU coolers won’t be able to hold it.

Stylish heat spreader in black with mirror-like bands reflecting the motherboard’s interior. Thermaltake RAM chips are undoubtedly the best. In order to power LEDs, there is no need to run additional cables into the RAM. Ten layers of PCB guarantee that the RAM will remain operational and durable for a very long time.

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro


Brand:Corsair | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:3200 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.2 Volts

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

The RGB lighting that Corsair incorporates into their products is already well known. Once again, we are looking at Vengeance RGB Pro, a gaming PC with attractive RGB and a wide overclocking gap. All the latest AMD and Intel motherboards can be used with this RAM and you will be thrilled with how fast it is. Out of several variations in the series, we’re going to take a look at the 16 GB variant with 3200 MHz of frequency. The black colour scheme is typical of high-end devices.

Because faster data transfer is important, this computer has a transfer rate of 25.6 GB/s which is compatible with modern AAA titles. Normally, the RAM operates at 2133 MHz with a 15-15-15-36 latency when the modules aren’t under heavy load. The clock speed increases to 3200 MHz and C16 latency when the XMP mode is enabled and there is a robust load. We consider this product to be one of the best mid-range RAMs on our list because of its price/performance ratio. Installation does not require any additional wiring.  

1.2V of voltage is needed for this processor, and it rises to 1.35V when overclocked. Hand-sorted Samsung B-DIE chips are used, which work excellently with Ryzen processors and a custom PCB for the transmission of clear signals. The RGB lighting is the favourite feature of the PC case. Aura, MSI Mystic, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 are used to design this system. You can also control the intensity and colours of the lights with Corsair iCUE.

Corsair Dominator Platinum


Brand: Corsair | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 3600 MHz | Capacity: 32 GB | Voltage: 1.35 Volts

Corsair Dominator Platinum

In our previous article, we talked about Corsair’s recent advances and its attractive RGB lighting. Using the company’s new Capellix LEDs and black colour scheme, the Dominator Platinum RGB kits adhere to the company’s iconic top fins design. There are two 8 GB memory sockets in this Ryzen 9 5950X RAM, each running at a speed of 3000 MHz. Thanks to its impressive output performance capabilities, it is compatible with the latest AMD and Intel motherboards and platforms. 

Under normal load conditions, the sockets operate at 2133 MHz using 15-15-15-36 and 1.2 volts. Overclocking is stable with this component because it is unlocked and is compatible with the XMP profile. As a result of increased 1.35V voltages at the exact timing, a tested speed of 3000 MHz is used to get rid of the highlighter load while playing high-end games. Corsair’s best RAM for Ryzen 9 5950x is best because it meets the expectations of those who purchase it. 

The PCB structure is made up of 10 layers for stable overclocking and efficient signal transmission. After sorting the modules by hand, Samsung ICs are fitted into them. Anodized aluminium heat spreaders are part of the component’s internal heat control as well as DHX dual-path cooling. Also, Corsair’s iCUE software can enhance the RGB beauty of the socket by controlling 12 highly bright addressable LEDs. Corsair’s iCUE RGB socket is therefore a beautiful and highly functional piece of hardware.

Patriot Viper Elite Series


Brand:Patriot | Memory Type:DDR4 | Memory Speed:2666 MHz | Capacity:16 GB | Voltage:1.2 Volts

Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4

Packaged with a dual-tone anodized aluminium heat spreader, the Patriot Viper Elite Series. Ryzen 9 5950x is the best RAM for the PC4-17000 processor, being able to run at the best speed (2133MHz). It is one of the best RAMs for Ryzen 9 5950X, as it operates at 2666MHz at 1.2v. During our testing, we found that this RAM performed similarly to the more expensive options on our list.

This RAM isn’t for those who like to brighten up their PCs. It will blend in well with a black and grey interior, however, if you prefer a minimalist look. The motherboard can be gripped on both edges of the heat spreader. Heat spreaders are constructed of flimsy sheet metal with a higher gauge than usual. If the heat sink is bent using excessive force, the heat spreader may crack.

It is, therefore, suitable for large CPU coolers since its height is between low and high profile RAM. The heat sink is protected on both sides by heat piping, which ensures that the heat is well conducted. With the tested timings of 16-17-17-36 at 2666MHz with voyages set to 1.2V, the testing results are great, so there’s one less setting to adjust in order to optimize performance.

G.Skill RipJaws V 32GB, 3600MHz


Brand: G.Skill | Memory Type: DDR4 | Memory Speed: 2400MHz | Capacity: 16 GB | RGB: No

G.Skill Ripjaws V Series

G.Skill’s kits aren’t all about RGB these days, although they still offer some more subtle, value-oriented versions. It has an almost boring design, one fatal flaw, but it delivers superb performance nonetheless. The RipJaws V is a perfect example of that.

First, let’s talk about the design. Two RAM modules are included in this kit, along with a black heat spreader. The design is rather uninteresting here. The heat spreader for the Ryzen 9 5950X goes rather high, meaning you might have trouble using a beefy air cooler. The heat spreader could be lowered a bit if there were lights or something which takes up space. G.Skill could not do that if there were no other items that take up space.

Though, if that doesn’t bother you, you’ll still be able to get 32GB of RAM, at a speed of 3600MHz. As well as 16-19-19-39 timings, which make for excellent performance, you have 16-19-19-39 timings as well. You will hear people say that it would have been faster. You won’t find a faster RAM at this price, but this is G.Skill’s value-oriented kit. A lesser-priced air cooler or a liquid cooler might be a good option if you’re on a tight budget.


A computer’s RAM is a critical component, so it must be matched perfectly with the system. Our list has some products that are Best Ram For Ryzen 9 5950X, so you don’t have to worry. RAM became a bottleneck in the process as CPUs and GPUs became faster and more powerful. Previously, experts believed RAM speeds could not affect gaming FPS. However, this was true for older processors. As a result, the manufacturer published overclockable RAMs, and the clock speed of RAM increased throughout the industry.

Faqs About Ryzen 9 5950x

Is 3600Mhz RAM compatible with Ryzen 9 5950x?

The Ryzen 9 5950x requires 3600MHz RAM. When you install RTX 3090 with it, you will still get 200+FPS considering the RAM won’t bottleneck the processor. In terms of price/performance ratio, Thermaltake Toughram RGB with 3600MHz is the best RAM.

Ryzen 9 5950X supports how much RAM?

AMD’s official website has been double-checked before answering this question. In the Ryzen 9 5950X, FinFET cores are used in conjunction with Zen 2 architecture. It supports a DDR4-3200 dual-channel memory of 128 GB.

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