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Whether your computer is fast and responsive is largely determined by its RAM, not just for gaming but for virtually any task you may set it to. There can be as much importance to RAM options as they are boring.

Whether your computer is fast and responsive is largely determined by its RAM, not just for gaming but for virtually any task you may set it to. There can be as much importance to RAM options as they are boring.

In order to help you shake things up, we have put together our list of the best RGB RAM in 2022, which includes models for nearly every budget and style.

Our RAM is perfect for budget builders looking to make their construction stand out from 30,000 feet or serious project builders looking to impress.

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Top Best RGB RAM In 2022

1 G.Skill Trident Z Neo

G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series

A jewel box of any upper-class user must contain the G.Skill Trident Z Neo. RAMs from this manufacturer are available with intriguing features, such as support for dual-channel memory, and 3600MHz memory speeds, which will improve performance for many above-the-lake users. This dynamic RAM platform eliminates the critics’ viewpoints since it has so many essential features. Take a moment to read through the long list of specifications.

That’s true, indeed. As a great investor, you won’t be held captive by slow speeds, poor data rates, or low capacities. 

This RAM adheres to G.SKILL’s best RGB RAM that supports AMD Ryzen 3000 series. In addition to its dual-tone appearance, you will be struck by its black and silver aluminium heat spreader, which means that the manufacturer not only adds contrast to the wishlists of users but also allows for more heat dissipation to obtain high performance.

According to an x-ray of the product, it is inspired by supercars and racing cars and has a tri-fin design that gives the product a sleek look through a bevelled edge. The RAM is overwhelmingly adored by its users as the best RAM in RGB. PCBs with 10 layers and custom RGB flows fit the needs of users with solid demands. This RAM will outperform all other platforms, based on our recommendation.

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2 Thermaltake Toughram RGBThermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB

It simply would not be possible to do what you normally do with your computer without RAM, the primary memory of the machine. You wouldn’t be able to lose to your competitors in a gaming competition if you had an above-average system that was faultless. It can only be achieved if every component of the system is high-performing, and no RAM is as robust for that purpose as Thermaltake’s Toughram RGB.

An esports gamer who wants to spend more than the average gamer on memory is going to find this memory portfolio the speedy thing they need for gaming. In case you are looking for the best RAM for RGB, you should know that this item was designed precisely to work with mainstream processors. The flawless software that comes with this item is one of its strongest points.

There is a cost to everything good, and these prices are definitely higher than market rates. Similarly, this RAM is among the best for RGB. The price of this product is quite high compared to its competitors, even though it looks divine and works lightning fast. Nevertheless, it performs like a champ, and isn’t that what we want from a high-priced item? Considering the amount you get, the deal appears to be fair and square.

3 HyperX Fury RGB

HyperX Fury 16GB 3200MHz

The HyperX Fury RGB product line is an outstanding series of Kingston products. Among the selected products, one offers 16GB of DDR4 storage space on a single stick with a 3200MHz speed. Due to its voltage of 1.35V, this ram operates more efficiently. In addition, the CAS Latency of this product is 16, which is faster than its competition. With a height of 34.1mm, this product fits most PC cases. The Intel XMP technology allows for easy overclocking on Intel core processors as well as AMD processors.

With a capacity of 16GB, this product is excellent for users looking for a product that can perform multiple tasks without any issues. Due to its high performance, this RAM is the best flagship RGB RAM as it can work well with high-end processors in looks; due to its RGB capabilities and the fact that the software is installed on the motherboard, the user can style the RGB effects he wants to use and give them a perfect sync. One can manage RGB settings with Kingston FURY CTRL; the RGB can also be managed via ASUS AURA Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0, and MSI Mystic Light Sync RGB Software.

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Plug N Play means that this product automatically overclocks the RAM in accordance with the BIOS of your PC. PC Mark 8 for this product is 4982. As far as RAM is concerned, it is faster than its competitors. Its loading time of 24.26 seconds makes it the best RAM for RAM, and its data transfer rate is 107MB/s. Its maximum temperature on the benchmark was 70C due to its heat sink. The LEDs are off when it consumes 3.15 watts, and they are on when it consumes 5.48 watts. The product is an excellent choice if you like adaptable, controlled RGB activity.



Whether it belongs to your PC or not, we love components that integrate geometric or three-dimensional elements into their design. Our list was made before we even opened the box of the ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D60G RGB.

Ten RGB LEDs are present on both sides instead of one horizontally across the top. The stick is additionally covered by nearly 60% of its surface area. With a large number of sticks, you might not be able to utilize that entirely, but if it can be seen from outside of your case, it’s definitely worth it.

Because every LED is addressable, you can come up with some pretty cool changing lighting effects. Once installed and lit, the angular effects become less striking, but they remain very cool nonetheless. In addition to ASRock’s Polychrome, ADATA recommends all RGB control software be used for syncing RAM.

Specifically, we’re looking at the highly affordable 16GB (grey or white) pack, which comes with two 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 sticks. This will be a great setup for any gamer on a tight budget, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You won’t need to worry as much about compatibility (you should still keep an eye on it, though).

The 2x8GB packs can be upgraded to 3600MHz or even 4133MHz if you need a bit more memory, or the 2x16GB packs can be upgraded to 4133MHz. It’s a bit harder to stock the large packs and higher speeds, so if you’re putting together something with a lot of power, keep an eye out.

We had expected these to be higher, but they’re about as tall as we expected them to be, at 1.8 inches (46mm), which makes them very compatible. Considering this device is almost entirely covered in plastic, it cools remarkably well.

5 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

Prosumers will enjoy the ultimate ease of installation provided by the Vengeance RGB Pro memory over its competitors’ 3200MHz memory. Gamers are all set to experience a mesmerizing chase thanks to these memory modules. This product has a perfect combination of DDR4 overclock memory lighting and RGB lights. The users of these impressive RAMs have a lot to be envious of since these RAMs keep blessing their computers with highly impressive specifications.

There is more to building a sophisticated PC than simply having one component. According to our high-level study, if you buy the best midrange RGB RAM for Ryzen, it is the best time to make the investment. There are many outstanding features of this package, such as the presence of 10 addressable RGB LEDs that are incorporated into the module, seamless synchronization with the Corsair, and quality that eliminates all the barriers for users. In terms of speeds and efficiencies, these RAMs just can’t be beaten.

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In addition to all the accusations, there are several highly compelling features as well. If you have an Intel/AMD DDR4 motherboard, these RAMs will operate with a single blink. It goes without saying that the best RGB RAM supplies its users with customized lighting profiles, printed circuits for enhanced signal quality, and lasts. In spite of this, it is one of the most reliable memories, which allows gamers to fulfil their gaming needs with ease. Are you ready to choose the high-speed RAM?

6 TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta


TeemGroup T-Force has undergone considerable improvement in the past several years and is now widely known for manufacturing low-cost RAM kits. The T-Force Delta RGB RAM by TEAMGROUP blends price, performance, and visuals to make the best budget RGB RAM. There are two colours available for the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB. It has diffused RGB lighting on the top that gives it a unique look.

Before purchasing the RAM kit, ensure that the height of your cooling solution is compatible with the height of the RAM kit. There are two 8 GB sticks in the kit, each with a configuration of PC4-25600. Most people should be fine with a frequency of 3200 MHz, regardless of the workload. There is a possibility, however, of overclocking the RAM kit. CL16 is the balanced latency of the RAM kit, which is fine, and it comes with a voltage of 1.35V. 

For the most part, the RAM kit from TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB is suitable for those on a tight budget who do not want to compromise on the performance or the looks of the kit. This kit allows the user to maximize the capability of the processor, as well as make the system look beautiful thanks to the RGB lighting. With regards to price, performance, and aesthetics, this is the best RGB RAM you can buy.

7 Kingston HyperX Predator

HyperX Predator Black

As Kingston developed the DDR4 memory modules, the Predator series began with DDR3 memory modules. In this series, the company did not make any changes, as they still come in the old black colour, which gives it an attractive look. The RGB lighting is a feature only found in some earlier DDR4 models as it wasn’t present in DDR3 or some older DDR4 models.

You may choose from a variety of Kingston HyperX Predator configurations, but if your motherboard supports them, I recommend getting at least 2*8 GB and 2993 MHz. This kit provides you with the benefit of dual-channel technology as it is only accessible with two or more sticks installed. You can also consider these modules based on your budget and motherboard compatibility since they have a clock rate from 2933 MHz to 4800 MHz. DD4 RGB ram is the best.

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As they feature RGB lights and everything necessary for a gaming build, these memory modules are great value for their price. This type of DIMM performs excellently in XMP, and there is also an overclocked version of it. Overclocking these DIMMs can reach new levels very quickly, as the overclocking headroom is significant. Kingston hasn’t released any separate software with these modules, which is the only problem I found.

8 OLOy Blade RGB DDR5-4800

OLOy Blade RGB

As soon as you step foot in the tech market for the latest DDR5 RAMs, you can’t stay away from them. They are too tempting.

It isn’t always easy to determine what to do here. This quest does not guarantee that you will receive a specific item for your rig. Thus, a list of these products is presented that is deemed to be reliable. The OLOy Blade RGB DDR5 RAM is one of those items.

Despite not being the most famous RAM out there, it is unquestionably something that you will not be disappointed with. Manufacturers also concentrated on its build quality, in addition to its effectiveness. Due to the highly efficient aluminium heatsink, the user doesn’t experience any significant thermal problems. Memory chips are said to be durable and hand-picked and sorted by the company. This statement is supported by the role these chips play during a high-performance event.

Then how do you explain the looks? Don’t worry, dear user! There is no doubt that it is the best RGB RAM since it has a vibrant, striking design that eliminates most of a user’s concerns. It is important to remember that this RAM is among the best, which represents a solid performer in and of itself; together these two can take the game to the next level. See how RAM works by playing around with the frequencies.

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