How Do I Know If A Motherboard Will Fit In My Case?

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Many people overlook the dimensions when they build a PC. The belief is that all motherboards can be fitted into any case and that the dimensions are universal. That’s not the case. What should I do if my case does not accommodate a motherboard?

Check the case’s form factor as well as the motherboard’s form factor to determine if your motherboard will fit in it. As one of the top specifications listed by the manufacturer under the specifications of a case, one of the top things to look for is its support of motherboard form factors. You can check a manufacturer’s website to determine the form factor of their motherboard.

There are some scenarios where even after checking the form factor you can’t be sure if something will fit. A customer’s complaint that their motherboard doesn’t fit in the case even though it’s a standard form factor, for example, maybe alarming. Where can I find out if my case is compatible with my motherboard?

Is it possible to fit any motherboard into any case?

A number of factors can limit your motherboard compatibility, including the size and age of your case.

ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) refers to the dimensions of motherboards measured in their length and width.

The most common types of motherboards are ATX and micro-ATX.

Although you can easily put the motherboard into a case sized for the motherboard type you need, some cases will not fit ATP or Micro-ATX type motherboards without some modifications.

Easily transfer your equipment if the motherboard of your current PC is compatible with the case of another computer.

Checking the specifications of a motherboard and its dimensions on an online retailer’s site is the best way to determine whether the motherboard can fit in a specific case.

Different Types of Motherboard Form Factors

Different Types of Motherboard Form Factors


It may seem difficult and daunting at first to choose a motherboard and case that match, but you have nothing to worry about. It is almost always possible to support consumer motherboards and cases because they are manufactured according to certain standards. To be certain your case supports your motherboard form factor, you need to find out what your motherboard is.

Discover your motherboard’s form factor by consulting your manual or manufacturer’s website. In terms of the case, almost always it is explicitly listed either in the title of the article or somewhere in the description, so you know for sure. 

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