How To Fix Your Power Supply Not Working?

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Most people face the problem of the power supply. We have found 6 methods of How To Fix Your Power Supply Not Working in 2022?

6 Methods of How To Fix Your Power Supply Not Working

When you flip the switch to charge a battery for example or power a laptop or charge a video recorder, the power supply won’t work. So what can you do to fix this problem? If the power supply isn’t working, then try these methods of fixing the power supply and you will know if this method works or not. You have no access to the power unit so it is clearly the fault of the power supply.

Make a quick note of the following points. Make a note of the make and model of the power supply and serial number. Close the box and take a piece of card/iron to the battery or connector to the power unit. Place the card or iron in the connector or box. Repeat this for other outlets or circuits. If you have a lot of time you can video yourself doing this process to prove that the power unit is faulty.

[Method 1]

Open the PSU to see whether any dirt, corrosion or silicon chip is in it. Method 2 Clean the PSU with a PC motor cleaner. Some cleaners can be used for PSU. Check with the manufacturer. Clean any metal inside the PSU. Method 3 If none of the above is working you can also buy a better PSU. This can be done online. I found on eBay many good PSUs with MCR (Maximum Capacity). Method 4 Look carefully at the voltage regulator of the power supply. If it is deformed you can replace it with a new regulator. Method 5 There are also fans inside the power supply. The fan in the power supply is totally clogged. Do not use a dirty fan. Clean the fan thoroughly. If the fan is very dirty do not replace it until it has cleared completely.

[Method 2]

The first method for fixing a power supply problem is easy. Just take the case with you. When you need the power supply, flip it on. It will reboot. The problem with this method is that the battery will drain even more, and cause you to have to charge it again when you use the power supply again. Method 3 for fixing a power supply problem is the old one. Just open the case with a hammer. The problem with this method is that the battery will be damaged. Method 4 The fourth method of fixing a power supply problem is to have the power supply replaced. This is also dangerous. If the manufacturer of the power supply can fix a problem in one manufacturing process, he could fix a problem in the manufacturing process, by fixing something in a different manufacturing process.

[Method 3]

BEST RESOLUTION Fixer 101 First, the first point is to check if the power supply is too old. Check the manufacturer’s date. The second point is to check the voltage/amperage setting on the motherboard. The third point is to check the headings/colour of the front sticker (what I mean by colour). If this fails, then you must go to the GIA (Green Electronics Industries Association). They specialize in all electronic components and give their support. You can call them on 800-3671 to get more details.

[Method 4]

#1 – Using static charges How To Fix A Power Supply When It’s Not Working: Static electricity is electricity without wires. You can use it to charge your batteries without the need of batteries or chargers. The only thing you need is an appropriate static charger and a power supply that uses soldered or thermal connections. Static chargers allow you to draw power directly from a large source to a device without wires or connectors. This is the best method to repair a power supply when it’s not working. All you need is the appropriate material, some tape and you’re ready to go.

[Method 5]

You will have a soft place to place your electric knife or serrated blade. I have several wires left over. They are easy to remove and a cheap way to make an effective a simple weapon. You can use them to kill someone. Here is how. Step 1: Get the metal pole. I use a piece of 1-inch PVC pipe. Cut the remaining 3/8 inch long 2.5-3/4 inch pipe to make a blade. Drill a hole on the end. I should state you need to remember that the hole should be small enough that you don’t pierce the skin when making a killer punch, but not so small that you can’t poke through tissue and muscle. Step 2: Cut the PVC pipe in half and have it hot glued to the machete. Step 3: Glue the handle together. It does not have to be tight. Step 4: Now it is time to attach the paddle.

[Method 6]

Do not overload a power supply. Firstly, do not overload a power supply. Too much current in a power supply can destroy it. If your computer does not have a way to power the power supply off, connect a parallel cable to the primary input/output of the power supply. (You can do this while the power supply is on, and the computer is powered off). Do this with an existing power supply, just in case you don’t have any suitable cable. Now your power supply won’t over-heat or destroy itself when under stress. If you want to power off a power supply, disconnect the cable, wait for a minute or two, and then power it back up. You can always put a spare power supply in when you have to do that. Second, do not let a power supply reach a low charge.


When you face any problem with your power supply then you must be having a power supply checked. Power supply or multiple power supply is one of the most basic things which is essential to have in the house.

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