How To Identify BIOS Chip On Motherboard?

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First of all identifying bios chip on the motherboard, just need to know.

What is a BIOS Chip?

Computers are typically equipped with a non-volatile microchip that is called a BIOS chip, which is often located on the motherboard. A damaged or corrupted chip will likely cause the computer not to start and the computer will no longer be able to function properly. Corrupted or damaged chips can be repaired or otherwise dealt with in a number of ways, though these are not easy. It is usually the manufacturer who places the chip on a motherboard, and documentation with the board will often tell you what kind of BIOS the chip contains.

How To Identify BIOS-Chip On Motherboard?

You can find it by simply looking at the motherboard’s labels for a M_BIOS, UEFI BIOS, or similar label. Almost all newer motherboards come with such a feature, but older ones won’t have it. A sticker or coloured blob may also be present on some BIOS chips to help you identify it.

In addition, this SuperIO/SMC is connected directly to your BIOS and serves as the adapter for it. The BIOS can now be used by the rest of your PC’s hardware. Hence, it would make sense that they are both located close to each other. 

The CR2032 battery slot should be found next to the PCIe slot if you can’t find it here. It may also be available under these chipsets if it isn’t found there.

As long as you can find a motherboard with a BIOS label, you should not have any trouble finding it. You can also download the motherboard design from the manufacturer’s website if you can’t find it. In it, you should find the exact location of the BIOS.

Major Reason Behind Checking Your BIOS

You should also know that BIOS stands for Power On Self Test, also known as POST. Using this method, you can determine if the PC meets the minimum boot requirements. You’ll be able to tell what part in your PC is malfunctioning if POST is unable to proceed. 


There is only one function of a BIOS chip, which is to store BIOS information. BIOS is a type of firmware stored permanently on a motherboard and accessible by it. The BIOS chip can be identified relatively easily. In most cases, it is found on the bottom-right side of the board, just below or near the CPU socket.

For easier identification purposes, manufacturers almost always label their chips with stickers or dots. If you are a professional, you can replace the BIOS chip if you know where it is. But if you don’t, a computer store can replace it for you.

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