Motherboard HDMI Not Working? Reason And Solutions In 2022

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So the motherboard HDMI of your PC is not working, and you are panicking about it? You don’t have to worry about this issue, as we will help you solve it very easily. 

The motherboard is said to be an essential component of your computer as it makes all the parts of your computer work properly. 

Every hardware should be appropriately connected with the motherboard; otherwise, none of the components will work correctly, including GPU, processor, etc.  

That’s why it is necessary to resolve the motherboard HDMI not working issue. 

Overview About Motherboard HDMI:

The full form for the abbreviation of HDMI is the high-definition multimedia interface. The main function of HDMI is to transfer audio or video data from HDMI to the monitor. 

When the motherboard HDMI is not working, it will not transmit any of the audio or video file; that’s why the motherboard HDMI is said to be the essential part of our computer. 

So we have to find the cause of the motherboard HDMI not working properly, and then fix this issue. 

Reason for motherboard HDMI not working properly:

  • Maybe your motherboard HDMI port is damaged. 
  • We can face this kind of issue if the motherboard HDMI is disabled. 
  • In case you are trying to connect dual monitors to a single motherboard.

Solving the motherboard HDMI Not Working issue:

There are some basic troubleshooting steps that you can follow to solve the motherboard HDMI not working issue. 

We aren’t sure that the issue will be 100% solved, but yes, we are saying that following the below steps will not harm your PC. 

1. Start With Checking The motherboard HDMI:

It is always a basic step to check the condition of the motherboard HDMI before moving towards further steps. 

If using the computer for many years, maybe your motherboard HDMI is completely damaged, and you can’t resolve the issue. The only thing you can do is replace the motherboard with HDMI. 

But if the motherboard HDMI is in perfect condition, you can resolve the issue by simply following the troubleshooting steps. 

You will see the difference in the condition of damaged and perfect motherboard HDMI. 

Still, if you face any issue, you can get help from a hardware engineer or even a friend who has experience in computer parts.

2. Solve by enabling motherboard HDMI:

This issue is most common in those computers in which the motherboard HDMI setting is disabled. That is why the very mandatory step before any procedure is enabling the motherboard HDMI. Now follow the further steps given below:

  • The motherboard HDMI port runs through integrated graphics, so checking IGP should be your first step. But make sure it’s IGP, not GPU. 
  • So the main thing to check is whether your system is compatible with IGP or not. 
  • To check the IGP, right-click anywhere on a PC screen and then check its properties. 
  • Now you can enable the integrated graphics from the BIOs. 
  • It’s time to connect your first primary monitor with the HDMI port of the video card. 
  • At the same time, when you are inserting the primary monitor in the motherboard’s HDMI port, plug in the secondary monitor. 
  • After that, finally, it’s time to install the latest integrated graphics driver. 
  • Then restart your computer and check if the second monitor is available or not. 

Get The Official Support:

As the motherboard is your computer’s essential and sensitive component, you shouldn’t take it as a joke and pay attention to the errors and issues you are getting from it.

If you think that it’s difficult to deal with these problems you should call an expert. Mostly, the hardware engineers also solve the motherboard HDMI issues with the method mentioned above, but if the above method didn’t work for you, visit the nearest computer repair center.

There is another way to call the manufacturer if you have any warranty cards and have issues before your warranty ends. The manufacturer will send assistance to fix the issue for you.

No need to worry at all. Try the above method if you think you can do it, but if there is still an issue, get help from experts.

Related Problems and Their solutions With Motherboard HDMI

If your motherboard HDMI is not working properly, this means a lot of the other functions of your computer will also be disabled. This may cause a lot of issues so better to solve it to make your computer work properly. 

No signal motherboard HDMI:

This type of issue is common when we try to use dual monitors. To fix this issue, you can connect the monitor with a graphical processing unit called GPU. After doing this, you will see your second monitor screen. 

X570 motherboard HDMI not working:

The first step is to check whether the HDMI cable is damaged or working properly. After checking the cable, the other step is to test the working condition of your monitor by connecting it with other PCs.

With checking the cable and monitor, you also have the graphics HDMI port. You will use the digital port to HDMI adapter to solve this issue. 

ASRock motherboard HDMI not working:

To check if there is a problem with ASRock motherboard HDMI or not, you will need to switch your computer to BIOS mode and then boot it. Now check both the integrated graphic card and graphical processing unit if it is in an enable state or not. 

The Motherboard Isn’t Detecting The Monitor:

If you see that the motherboard isn’t detecting your monitor, try to remove the monitor connected to your PC. Now open the device manager and click on the monitor’s section.

By opening it, you will see a long list of monitors, uninstall all the monitors, and then once again connect the monitor with the windows device. 

AMD motherboard HDMI isn’t working:

If there is a problem with the AMD motherboard HDMI, you will need to set up the integrated graphics. AMD itself doesn’t hold IGP, so you have to buy an AMD processor that has integrated graphics to solve the issue. 

X470 motherboard HDMI isn’t working:

The easiest solution if the X470 motherboard HDMI isn’t working is to connect the motherboard; you can try to connect the video card. This may solve your issue.

Tips To Avoid Motherboard HDMI Issues:

There are different reasons which can create problems in the working of motherboard HDMI; you can avoid these problems by following some tips. These tips will help your motherboard HDMI work smoothly, and you don’t have to panic as you will not face any issues.

If you want to run multiple monitors, the motherboard HDMI must run perfectly, and it should be in good condition. Never use a motherboard HDMI for long years. After using it a few years, make sure to change it, because sometimes an old motherboard HDMI creates issues in working.

Apart from that, if you keep working on the computer and ignore the cables that connect the motherboard HDMI with the monitor, it will also create an issue, or even the motherboard HDMI will stop working.

So check the cables which work as a barrier between the motherboard HDMI and monitor, these cables shouldn’t be damaged. 


This article is especially for those who are having trouble with the motherboard HDMI. By following the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier method, you can solve your issue.

Still, in case this method didn’t work for you, call the professional hardware engineer to solve the error.

There are many different reasons mentioned above that cause the motherboard HDMI to stop working. So by avoiding the above-given reason, you will never face any issue related to motherboard HDMI.

Always remember to change the HDMI aster using it for a few years. By using it for a long time, the HDMI board can get damaged very easily.

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