Motherboard (RGB & Fans) Still On After Shutdown

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Windows’ fast startup setting may interfere with your computer’s shut down sequence if you shut down your computer manually or using the start menu. If the screen is off but you can still see fans or lights on after you shut down your computer, then the Windows fast startup setting may be at fault.

This problem can be solved by disabling fast startup in Windows settings. Follow these steps to accomplish this.

  • First of all, go to Windows key(thumb_WindowsKey.png).
  • Type Power and Sleep into the search box.
  • Select Power & Sleep from System Settings.
  • To access Additional power settings, click on Related Settings under the Power & Sleep section.

Power Settings

  • Select the power button functions on the left by clicking the link.

Power & Sleep

  • Currently, unavailable settings can be changed at the top of the window by clicking Change settings.

Power Options System Settings

  • At the bottom of the page, you should now see the checkmark options.  For this feature to be deactivated, you will need to uncheck Turn on fast startup.

Power Options

  • Save the changes by clicking Save.

Save changes

  • Please restart your computer to confirm if your issues have been resolved by this change.
  • Instead of activating the checkmark, you will need to repeat steps to re-enable fast startup in the future.



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