Orange light On Motherboard: What does it mean?

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This article takes a closer look at the motherboard issues, especially those caused by an orange light on Motherboard.

Not everyone can know what’s wrong with their motherboard when your PC reacts differently compared to usual days. So, here, we are telling you what happens to your computer if the motherboard shows an orange light and stops your computer from booting.

Maybe you will not see this on high-end motherboards but quite common on PC motherboards. 

What does the orange light on your motherboard mean?

There are a few notable issues that may show your motherboard in the case of indicating orange light. There may be two different issues with your motherboard if the orange light is blinking, or it’s static. However, if you know some little things about your motherboard, you can easily resolve the issue.

If the motherboard is showing orange light no matter if it’s static or even blinking, this overall means your computer system is not starting or not booting up.

Usually, all the colors of the motherboard show something, like normally the lights are white, red, or even yellow, but the problem starts when these lights turn into orange or amber. 

Different Lights Indicating Issues Of the Motherboard:

Smartphones and PCs have become an essential part of our daily lives. You may have seen very few people living their life without them.

Mostly, using these smart devices eases our lives and adds entertainment to our lives as users enjoy using them. But here comes the difficult point: a few users will know about the problems and their indications related to the motherboard.

If you know about the problems and their solutions, you can solve them by yourself without calling the hardware engineer.  

Orange Light Blinking On Your Motherboard: 

An orange light is an indication that something is wrong with your motherboard, but there are two different cases. Here we will tell you what happens to your computer when the motherboard starts to show an orange light that is constantly blinking.

Apart from blinking orange light, you will also notice that the processor fan of your computer will start spinning.

The first thing you should check is the unit of power supply whether your computer is getting the proper power supply or not. In case of getting an ATX or mATX power supply unit, check if the power supply is running fine or not. 

Resolving the blinking orange light issue: 

  • You will need a few things to fix the issue, including a gems clip or any wire. 
  • Find the green wire present at the 24 sockets, which is coming from PSU. 
  • Put one end of the wire in these 24 sockets. 
  • Now from the same socket, find the black wire, and connect the other end of the wire. 
  • After you are done, turn on the PSU power. 
  • If the PSU shape is good, the fan will start automatically. 
  • But if it still hasn’t started, you have to replace the PSU. 

There may be some cases where the fan will start, but your computer will still not boot. Now you have to use the multimeter to check the individual voltage to see if the PSU is getting the proper power supply or not. In the end, one more thing to check is if the EPS power processor is connected correctly or not. 

What to do if your motherboard shows Orange static light?

If your motherboard shows blinking, orange light is easy to fix, but yes, you have to diagnose the system before resolving the issue. In the case of static orange light, maybe there is more than one issue why your system is showing an error.

The issue may be direct with memory fault or motherboard fault. But before moving towards the solution, it’s important to diagnose the issue properly. There are two different methods to resolve the issue:  

1st method: 

In the static orange light, the case removes all the cables connected with the HDD, ODD, etc., just connecting the power connector with the motherboard.

After that starts the system; if doing this resolves your issue and stops the orange light starts connecting all the components again. Doing this one by one will minimize the chances of errors. 

2nd method: 

But if the method mentioned above didn’t work in your case, take out the RAM, clean it properly, clean the socket and then put the RAM back. If you have dual-stick, check both of them one by one.

After following both methods, you are still getting static orange light, then maybe the issue is with your motherboard, which can’t be solved, so it’s better to replace it with the new one. 


Generally, it’s not easy to solve issues related to your motherboard processor, but having good knowledge can help you in different cases, and you don’t have to call the hardware engineer.

In the above article, we have talked about what happens to your computer if the motherboard starts to show orange light. This orange light can be static or blinking.

To resolve the issue, there are two different ways according to an issue. But in the end, if you failed to solve the issue, it’s time to replace the motherboard.

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