What would be the System Requirements for 4k Video Editing?

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For 4k video editing, you require a computer or system with outstanding attachments for smooth and quick working. Nowadays, people dealing with 4k video editing want to build video editing PCs by themselves with outstanding configuration. No one wants to invest in prebuilt computers that have fewer features. Because self-made computers completely fulfil all requirements and edit huge 4k video files easily.  Here is the detail of the best system requirements to create an outstanding 4k video editing computer and excellent editing software for computer Windows 10.

Requirements for 4k Video Editing:

Suppose you will create an efficient video editing system to smooth and fast resolution of 4k video editing. Below is the detail of approved PC system requirements:

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU core directly affects the video processing speed. Because if you want a quick video processing system, it depends on the Core of your CPU. Generally, 4 or more cores CPU is responsible for fast and efficient processing of the Video. For 4k video editing to be outstanding, it must be equipped with an effective and fast CPU. CPU core models like i5, i7, or i9 are ideal, but i9 is outstanding for 4k video editing.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

GPU is an advanced processor designed formed to enhance graphic rendering. If you have a processing unit of maximum, core GPU is not needed to edit 4k videos. But sometimes, GPU is important when you are using advanced video editing software to edit a large 4k video. Most of the advanced software is powered by GPU or graphics card other than CPU. For editing 4k video, an efficient and robust GPU such as DaVinci Resolve is highly recommended.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Memory is also very essential and directly affects the processing of a video. A system with higher RAM is ideal for editing 4k videos. So, a system with 8 to 32 GB RAM is highly recommended for editing 4k video. But by the system that meets your budget, i.e., a system of 16 GB, is also ideal.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

Most people use a hard disc drive (HDD) for 4k video editing. But SSD is very quick and powerful than HDD. HDD can edit 4k videos slowly. So, for quality editing of 4k videos, use SSD. SSD directly speed-up the editing and transcoding procedures. So, SSD is highly recommended for 4k video editing.


The motherboard is an essential part that connects each component of your PC. When you select a CPU, you must find a motherboard compatible with your CPU.; the motherboard’s socket must be compatible with the CPU’s chipset socket. Moreover, the socket of LGA 1151 requires an Intel i7 chip which is compatible with the motherboard of LGA 1151.

Operating System

For editing of 4k video, Windows 10 can be an ideal option with 64 bit. It is suitable for you to use editing software compatible with your Operating. For fast editing windows, 10 software is perfect. Mac OS X, Linux is highly recommended.


As we know high storage system is very expensive. Minimum hard drive and RPM of 256 GB and 7200 respectively are very efficient and recommended. So, buy the system that comes in your range. Must add some external hard drives. Must avoid the use of SATA drive.

Graphics Card

Graphics cards are needed for the proper working of many video editing software. There is a specific card for specific editing software. Use a card that is compatible with your video editing software.

Size of a Screen

Must use a more than 21-inch screen for a clear view of the video you are going to edit. You can also use a 19 to 21-inch screen if a large screen is expensive for you.

Required Software

Many video editors are available, but only a few of the editors are compatible with 4k video editing. For the 4k videos, videos captured by iPhone 8, camcorders, for editing of downloaded 4k Video or 4k cameras Converter Deluxe and WinX HD Video are recommended. This software edit and covers the videos. Below is the outstanding and fast video editing software:

  • AVI
  • MPEG
  • M2TS
  • High-Quality Engine
  • Hyper-threading
  • HD camcorder videos

All of this software is compatible with Windows 10.

How to edit a 4k video on Windows 10?

Step 1: Move the 4k Video

Download and install editing software like WinX HD Deluxe for Mac or Windows 7/8/9. Here are the straightforward steps for editing footage or 4k videos:

Firstly, install the suitable 4k video editor in your PC version 10. Then tap the “+ video” option and transfer the 4k Video to software from the system.

Step 2: Edit and Change Format of 4k Video

Then, select an external format if you require external footage or Video in 4k resolution. MP4 or MKV formats are ideal. Moreover, use “keep origin” resolution for 4k Video. Even more, you can choose any or desired format for the 4 k video.

Step 3: Extras

After that, split, move up and down, flip, crop, cut the Video, + effect, set the volume, add subtitles, and watermark the video.

Step 4: Save that 4k Video

Then tap the “Browse” option to select the desired folder where you want to save external 4k Video and click “RUN” to initiate the process of editing and transferring 4k Video in your system.


Computer with any version nowadays edits a small and simple video. But for advanced editing or film making must go with upgraded choices that meet your needs. Specifically for 4k Video editing, you required a PC system to manage and proceed with all the bulk of information. Above in the article, requirements of 4k video editing are given. Most people want to build their set-up according to their budget with excellent configuration. It is also very important to select a video editing software and a selection of video editing systems.

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